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  • We localize your advertising materials: translation of videos, presentations, and concepts.
  • We adapt your product to the Russian consumer. We will analyze the specifics of your product and help it enter the Russian market.
  • We will develop a strategy for promoting your company and product in Russia.

We develop websites that sell

Website is an effective tool to increase sales for your company and to position your business on the internet. We help you to make your business more profitable.

Our services

  • Website design & development
  • Website fixes and updates
  • Google AdWords
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • 1C:Bitrix content management system
  • Selection and registration of domain name
Cafe La Ruche

We have tried to create an image of an exquisite place where you can spend your time comfortable and also to taste the dishes of high cuisine. A minimalistic design let you focus on the food and not be distracted by third parties. Each box contains the feedback form with the office hours of the restaurant, which changes automatically in accordance with the day of the week. Section “Events” has a function of the reposting photos in all social networks and the transition into the category of “Karaoke” website's design becomes “musical”.

Residential real estate

The Novobulgakovo community was built partially, and there are already more than 1500 inhabitants. This fact favorably differs it from the competitors. Therefore we were focused on using the real photos of the already constructed houses in addition to the layouts and the visualizations project while creating the website. Minimalism used in website design is not distracting visitors and contains all the necessary information for buyers.

Management company

The design of the website is light and made in the corporate colors. The website simply and clearly tells about the company's values, achievements, the services it provides. The proposals of the lease and sales of real estate are placed In a special section. For the home page we created a video that clearly shows the objects of the company “Arkada”.

Restaurant delivery

The website is fully integrated with an automated software of restaurant delivery. This allows you to receive orders directly from the website, passing manager or cashier, which speeds up the delivery time of the readymade pizza. For the convenience of users, the website is connected to the range of payment systems. A special element of the website is the designer of the shares and pizzas, where each visitor can choose a set of stocks and to adjust the pizza recipe to their taste.

Gostiny dvor
Trade and business complex

Light is not overwrought design and adaptive layout of each page made it convenient to visit the website from any device. The website contains detailed information about the complex, including a simple and intuitiv navigation scheme. Using an automated search, just select the category and the website will automatically generate the necessary client a list of stores. Also anyone can share your opinion or leave your feedback in the feedback form available on every page.

Sports complex

The home page of the website helps the client to focus on the key unique advantages of the sports complex. It also contains the announcement of a promo campaign that might be interesting for the client. The website contains in it's sections detailed information about the complex. The visitor can send an order for a subscription from the each webpage. This increases the site's conversion.

High-quality graphic design and branding

The skillful use of design makes your product and it's advertisment more attractive for the customers. High-quality graphic design and it's effectiveness – these are two main things for us in creating each project.

Our services

  • Corporate identity development
    Brand book, guideline, logo
  • Printing design
    Booklets, presentation albums, restaurant menus
  • Outdoor advertising design
    Signs, billboards, posters
  • Design of souvenir production
    Gifts with company logo
  • Packing design
    Boxes, labels, packages
Real Estate Company

Creating a creative concept

Salavat Ulaev
Hockey Club

Development and implementation of a communication strategy for 2017/2018 season.

Logo creation

Air catering service for Novikov Group.

Logo creation

Art Kvadrat
Cultural and business center



Creating a brand book

Real Estate Company

Logo creation

Marco Polo

Creation of corporate identity

Construction of individual houses from glued beams

Brand book

Construction company

Brand book

Kumpan Pizza
Restaurant delivery

Pizza box

Wholesale company

Schnapps label

Exciting video production

Video is an excellent tool to form an image of your company or to tell about its products or services.

Our services

  • Three-dimensional graphics (3D)
  • Two-dimensional graphics (2D)
  • A stage video with actors
  • Infographics
  • Stop-motion
  • Complex corporate films

We use big variety of internet marketing tools to solve key challenges of your business: from receiving target requests from customers, to search engine reputation management; from increasing target traffic to the web-site, to realization of working strategies in social media.

Our services

  • Corporate identity development
    Google AdWords and Yandex Direct
  • SEO-optimization
  • SMM
  • Targeting advertising
    Facebook, Instagram,, MyTarget
  • SERM
    search engine reputation management
Real Estate Company

Client appealed for marketing advertising campaign for two housing complexes. We produced landing pages and set up contextual and targeting advertising. Also we wrote and promoted ads about flats selling on a big classified service.

For 4 months of campaign we increased amount of leads from 240 to 435 per month. Cost of one lead reduced by 2.5 times: 1251 vs 485 roubles

Real Estate Company

Our goal was to increase sales in four housing complexes under construction.We used lead-forms on, Facebook и Instagram.

During 2 months we received 111 leads from potential consumers. The cost of one lead is 768 rubles - great result in real estate sphere.

Ufimskiy Kreml
Housing Complex

The main purpose was to increase sales. We set up contextual advertising. Enabled calltracking service for a proper budget allocation. In addition to the main site we made landing-page. Launched the targeting advertisements in social networks.

During a year, the number of leads from the site has grown up for more than 4 times. Landing page conversion rate increased 13 times compared to the original site!

Cottage Village

At the beginning of our work, only 1 ready-made house out of 25 was booked. We launched contextual advertising and at the same time made optimization the existing website. We made an sms-sending campaign. Launched a Callibri calltracking. Added information about the village in 40 directories. In addition to the main site, we created a landing page: its conversion was 3 times higher than that of a multipage site.

As a result of 8 months cooperation, 16 out of 25 houses in Khorosheevo have been sold, the remaining 9 houses have been booked.

Staryi Center
Housing Complex

To increase sales in the business-class housing complex, we used a complex promotion. Created a landing page, launched contextual advertising, targeting advertising in social networks. Set up calltracking. Simultaneously, we worked with geoservices, wrote and promoted ads for the sale of apartments in a large online classifier. We filmed an image video and used it in media advertising.

For 7 months of work, the number of advertising leads increased by 62%. Conversion rate increased by 34%. Thanks to our integrated approach and different Internet marketing tools, the client manages to fulfill ambitious plans for housing sales every month.

Na Uspenskoi
Housing Complex

At the time of the start, client already had contextual advertising set up. We made adjustments to advertising campaigns, separated search campaigns from campaigns on the RSYA (Yandex partner network).

During the year of the advertising campaign, the cost per click decreased by half. The number of calls increased by 40%. The number of clicks from advertising has increased by 7 times.

3D - is an efficient way to demonstrate the real estate. It can graphically show all object pros and provide the presence effect. Your clients can easily make the purchase decision

Our services

  • 3D modeling of exteriors
  • 3D tour
  • Airtour
Housing Complex

3D exterior modeling

Housing Complex

3D exterior modeling

Ufimskiy Kreml
Housing Complex

3D exterior modeling

Talan Ufa
Real Estate Company

Aero tour 360. 3D layouts. 3D tour with virtual reality glasses

About us

BezNebes Creative Agency - is an expert in production of advertising. We do a comprehensive projects promotion: from the development of advertising concepts and video shooting to developing a website and supporting a amplitudinous advertising campaign on the Internet.

We do it all ourselves

The company was founded in 2006. Currently we have 42 employees, each one is a professional in his field. We do projects of any complexity in a short time and control the process at all stages.